A development proposing company dealing with various special steel materials and processed parts.
A specialized trading company of special steel - SAKUMA SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD.

Business system

In order to satisfy the requirements for materials,
shapes and quality of all sorts,
we have completed our original solution proposing system and supply chain.

As a specialist on special steel, we serve with a solution system composed of 3 sub-systems – “planning proposal consulting” to make value-added proposals, “global strategy” to support local procurement and overseas extension, and “quality assurance system” to provide thoroughgoing security and safety and reliability. Furthermore, we have a complete supply chain composed of “processing,” “information,” “storage” and “logistics,” satisfying the steel material needs of our customers.

Business system

Solution system

  • Planning proposal consulting
  • Global strategy
  • Quality assurance system

Supply chain

  • Storage equipment
  • Logistics
  • Processing equipment
  • Information management
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