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Metal powder

Responding to various requirements.
Performance, Application, Production method

Providing various high performance products

  • Powders
    Stainless steel, Magnetic alloy,
    Controlled expansion alloy,
    Heat resistant alloy, Corrosion resistant alloy,
    surface hardening and thermal splaying.

Stainless Steel Powder

High resistance to corrosion
Suitable for compact and sinter processing, and metal injection molding

Magnetic Alloy powder

Magnetic shields and Electronic parts
Suitable for compacting, injection molding processing, and combining with resin.

Heat and Corrosion Resistant Alloy Powder

Suitable for HIP, MIM, compact and sinter processing, thermal spraying and weld overlaying.

Alloy Powders for Surface Hardening Weld Overlays and Thermal Spraying

Spherical and high fluidity powders with Low oxygen content

Other alloy powder

Controlled expansion parts, dies and cutting tools

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