A development proposing company dealing with various special steel materials and processed parts.
A specialized trading company of special steel - SAKUMA SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD.


As a specialist on special steel,
we stay active to accomplish our mission of
“working for society, serving the world.”

President: Takayuki Sakuma

Takayuki Sakuma

SAKUMA SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD. was established in 1951. For over half century since then, we have continued to sell and propose special steel on a mission of “working for society to serve the world.” Furthermore, as a company who can meet the requirements of our customers, which are sophisticated and diversified more and more in this changing society, we have also supported the manufacture of processed parts. Thus, we stay active as a specialist on special steel fulfilling both the trader function and the manufacturer function.

What we are good at is to take part from the new product development stage and make high value-added proposals by selecting materials and combining processing methods. Also, in today’s circumstances where environmental friendliness and security and safety are sought for, we stress on new developmental, functional materials, such as titanium, alloys, powder and targets, that can back up the development and manufacture of products for fulfilling these requirements. As a result, we are now handling over 2,000 steel materials.

In the background of our propose-making ability and commercializing ability are our solid trust relationship with various material manufacturers and processors and customers. Our philosophy of “proposing and providing products that can truly serve our customers” helps us deepen our bonds with material manufacturers and processors. Based on these bonds, we win the trust of our customers with us, and provide security and safety to them, which leads to their expectations for us.

Our field of activities is wide, encompassing automobiles, machine tools, construction machines, environment and medicine.

As ever, as a specialist on special steel, we will continue to make valuable proposals beyond our customers’ expectations in various industries and fields, and act as a company who is “working for society, serving the world.”

Takayuki Sakuma President

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