A development proposing company dealing with various special steel materials and processed parts.
A specialized trading company of special steel - SAKUMA SPECIAL STEEL CO.,LTD.

Structural steel and Tool Steel

Strength, Toughness, and Hardenability

Structural Steel and Tool Steel

Supporting your best choice!

Providing various special steel

  • Structural steel
    Tough, Quenched and tempered, Microallyed,
    Free cutting,
    Bearing , Magnetic, etc.
  • Tool steel
    Cold work, Hot work, Plastic mold, High speed,
    Powdered high speed, etc.

Supporting product development through close cooperation with manufacturers.


Automobile components, industrial machinery, construction machinery, etc.

Tuning pins [For pianos]
Tuning pins [For pianos]
Bevel gears
Bevel gears

Our Key Range of Steel

Category Steel Name
Structural SteelCarbon SteelS10C, S15C, S25C, S35C, S45C, S55C
Alloy SteelSCM415H SCM420H SCM435H SCM440H SCr415H SCr420H
Free-Cutting SteelS45CL, SCM415HL, SUM22, SFC13M, SUM24L, KFS103, KFS103S
Tempered MaterialsS45C-HT, SCM440H-HT
Bearing SteelSUJ2, SUJ3
Magnetic MaterialsSUYF, ELCH2
Microalloyed SteelS40VC, S45VC, S50VC
Tool SteelCold Working Tool SteelYK30, GOA, DC11, DC53, DCMX
High Speed Tool SteelMH51, MH55, DRM2, DRM3
Powdered High Speed Tool SteelDEX20, DEX40, DEX60
Hot Working Tool SteelSKD61, DHA1, DH31, DH31S, DH31-EX
Plastic Molds SteelG-STAR, S-STAR, NAK55, NAK80
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